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Did we mention that we love houses? It's probably why the Follwells family has been helping people to live where they love for nearly 30 years. And during this time weve seen lots of dream homes right here in Shropshire. 

Dream Homes – Glorious gardens

Shropshire gardens are amongst the most floral in the UK. And with over 2300 garden centres and retail nurseries nationwide its clear that we are a nation that invests in our outside space. So if a tranquil escape is something you find yourself daydreaming about during the working week then look no further than Wood lane. With classic planting and beautiful views from every vista, this home is a delight for anyone looking to escape the stresses of modern life.

Shropshire Dream Homes 

Dream Homes - More light and space

One of the most desirable aspects of home ownership is to live in a house with large amounts of natural daylight. And when we view a property that floods an open plan living space with huge amounts of natural light and finishes it off with views of the Shropshire countryside, we know that weve just entered someones dream home. Take a look at the delightful lounge in Willoughbridge Lane and the Family area in Pinewood Drive to see what we mean. 

Delightful lounge
Shropshire Dream Homes
Family area



Dream Homes – The social kitchen

Next on the luxury home check-list is the kitchen. The kitchen has long been the heart of any home, but for it to be a dream kitchen in 2018 it has to be open-plan. As a nation, we are obsessed with open-plan kitchens that allow us to socialise with family and friends, without the need for someone to sit on a radiator. So for any kitchen to be considered a dream it needs to include a dedicated seating area, somewhere for guests to observe the home cook in their natural environment. Here are 3 of the finest open-plan kitchens weve sold in the last 12 months. 

Dream kitchen


Dream Homes – Making an entrance

Whats the point in having a dream home and not sharing it? Since its inception in the 1970s, our obsession with the great British dinner party has born shows such as Come dine with me, Dinner Date and Britains Best Cook. So whether its a long gallery of family photos, a Farrow and Ball boot room or a refurbished Minton tile floor every dream home needs an equally impressive hallway to receive guests. This property on Pinewood Drive certainly leaves a lasting impression.

Shropshire Dream homes


Weve valued, surveyed and photographed homes all over Shropshire and they all have one thing in common. Every house is a dream home for someone. Someone wholl embrace its little surprises, continue its story and spend every day making it a little less ordinary.

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