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This statement came up during a lunchtime conversation because we were thinking about potential topics for our next team-building event. Afterward, we sat down and focused on how our team does so much more than help people find homes, we share a more profound passion: we love changing our clients’ lives.

Over time we’ve noticed that there are three very distinct types of reason for moving home. The first is someone who is considering moving, the second is someone who is struggling to move, and the third is someone planning on moving. Each group has very different reasons and motivations for wanting a change. By listening carefully and understanding these factors our team can tailor our service to match their needs. 

So, let’s look at each group in more detail and see which group you belong to:

Considering moving

moving home considering

Have you got the latest series of Location, Location Location and Grand Designs on series link? If so, then there’s a good chance that you’re considering a move. People in this group have a casual eye on neighboring house prices but tend not to be under immediate pressure to move. They’re contemplating a move ‘at the right time’ to make the most of their financial assets. Often flexible on location, what they need is something to catch their eye, like this fantastic garden Off three mile lane in Whitmore. Or picturing themselves in an awesome entertaining space, like this kitchen dinner on Westlands Avenue.

Struggling to move

moving home struggling

Are you getting fed up of tidying up, showing people around your home, listening to them ‘ooh and ahh’ all without the result of an offer? If so, then it’s time for a change. Check out our recent testimonial from Mr & Mrs. Smallman who had their property on the market for 600 days before changing to Follwells. 

moving junction 15

Don’t worry; there is always a solution to why a house isn’t selling. But a home that is valued correctly and is it presented in a manner that allows viewers to see the magic of the property shouldn’t hang on the market for 600 days. At Follwells 97% of our houses achieve their asking price, which is because we never offer an ‘instant quote,’ we know that every home is unique and needs an agent to inspect a property and to apply local knowledge to give a realistic valuation. You send us a valuation request via our valuation page here, or you can give one of our branches a call and have a chat.

Planning on moving

moving home planning

Have you run out of places to put space saving storage devices? Then there’s a real chance that you’re actively planning a move. A trigger motivates people in this group, often relating to the size or layout of their current home, as well as changes at work or within the family.  For example is off road parking and a fourth bedroom exactly what you need? Check out this superb family home on Ashley Grove, May Bank. People in this group usually know exactly where they want to live and have apps and friends on high alert to new properties in that area. They’ll stretch their budget if they have to, to get the home they want in the area their family will love.

At Follwells, we believe that understanding our clients’ motivation to move is key to changing our clients’ lives. If you’d like to discuss anything within this article in more detail our team are always happy to help.

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