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Have you agreed to host the in-laws for the festive season?

There are 10 weeks left until Christmas and now is the time to market your current home and move in for Christmas. 

Christmas lights Newcastle Under Lyme

There’s time to move in before Christmas

move in for christmas

The change in weather and loss of daylight might make you think that it is too late. But it’s not. As the average sale and purchase times for houses in Newcastle-Under-Lyme have been consistently taking 9-10 weeks in 2019. 

As a family business, we know that life is hectic and non-stop. Which means that you’re unlikely to want to spend your weekends and evenings showing round potential buyers. And that’s where we excel, working hard to sell your home. Doing all the legwork for people with busy lives.

Starting with fully utilizing the digital reach of your home. Did you know that 90% of all house moves begin online? Which is why every property advertised with Follwells comes with all the trimmings; Complete floorplans, Full interior and exterior photography, Room measurements and detailed features and local area write-up.

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Prioritize and get ready to sell

Move in for Christmas

We can help you prioritize what is important to get your property sale ready. Did you know that more than a quarter of potential buyers are put off by an overgrown garden? So a couple of hours cutting everything back, patching up and a trip to Leycett tip will clinch that Pre-Christmas move. 

Once the house is presented correctly, make sure that the price is right – Check out our ‘How much is your home worth’ blog here, plus a statement from Follwells about the housing market in September/October.

As with many things in life, you can’t control them all, so it’s important to take control of the ones you can. Clear out the box room and add neutral colours with a splash of fresh paint. And selling, donating or recycling as much as you can will not only make your property look better, but will make it easier for you pack once a moving date is agreed. 

All that glitters is not gold

Moving for Christmas

A major consideration when agreeing on an offer is to make sure that the buyer is serious and able to move quickly. With almost 30 years of selling homes, we know that delivering excellent customer service relies on accurate information and clear communication. This means that we give our clients all the information and guidance needed to make informed decisions. By clarifying how a purchase is being financed, and its impact on the completion date, can highlight which glittering offer is your golden ticket to a pre-Christmas move. 

Follwells top tip: “Don’t be blinded by the highest offer, listen to your agent who is there to give you sound and reasoned advice from an experienced professional. Prioritising a cash buyer or someone who has no property to sell will always speed up the moving process.”

Make a list and check it twice

Moving for Christmas

Keep on top of your solicitor and prepare your documentation. Ask them upfront if they can work within the completion date you need. It’s up to them to accept the challenge and get you moved in for Christmas.

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Can’t find your deeds? Don’t worry. Your mortgage company will have retained a copy of the deeds in their storage facility. Also, the solicitor who dealt with the original purchase conveyancing is also likely to be able to help. And if your home has been sold at least once since 1990, the Deeds will be electronically recorded with the Land Registry and available online.

Follwells top tip: “A completion date can only be set when all parties in the chain are ready and their solicitors have mortgage offers, signed documents and searches. Which is why we always advise our clients to keep on top of their solicitor. Also, wait to buy the Christmas tree until after you’ve moved into your new home. That way it’s one less thing to pack and move.”

The Newcastle-Under-Lyme Christmas lights switch on will be on 16th November 2019 by the winner of the 'design and advent calendar' competition.