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Needing a bigger home

moving home 

Have you already begun to think about hosting the family over Christmas? Of course you have.

Then it will come as no surprise that the busiest time for online viewings is Boxing day. Because it’s during the squash and squeeze of the holidays that people review their year and contemplate the year ahead.

Did you have a great year? Would more inside space improve the quality of your life? We have seen a surprising local trend amongst movers looking for bigger homes with smaller gardens. If you need a bigger home with minimal grounds care, take a look at some of our new developments here.



moving home 

Without question, the pressure of securing a good school or college drives many moves for parents. Over time there are consistently high performing schools that family’s want to be within the catchment area.

Beyond the pressure of schools, many moves are fuelled by a change of job. Which offers households an exciting move closer to work and the prospect of a new location. Fortunately, Newcastle-Under-Lyme is blessed with a colourful variety of nearby towns that contain a mix of independent shops, entertainment and exciting leisure activities.

Check out ‘The Complete visitor’s guide to Stoke-On-Trent’ by @BeingErica here



 moving home

The type of house we live in affects our perception of the lifestyle we lead. For example, there are beautiful townhouse properties in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. With this comes a well built, period property and a tight sense of community. However, for some people, a move to semi-detached or detached property can allow them to realise a lifestyle they’ve always wanted. For example, hobbies and social activities might improve with a property with off road parking, a garage and the freedom of larger entertaining spaces.


Being close to family/friends

 moving home

Some might think that this is a gracious social act. And for some it may be, but for many, the cost of childcare means that more and more families rely on a friend or relative to provide regular childcare. In fact, a YouGov poll found that 40% of UK grandparents provide weekly childcare. Thankfully, half of the grandparents said that looking after the grandchildren kept them physically and mentally active. For many, living where you love often means looking to have people near you that you love.


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