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Are you thinking of selling your home?

Maybe next month? Just in time to move in for Christmas? Or are you even waiting until next year?

Of course, deciding when to sell your home can be a big decision - but if your home has what’s perfect for market demand now, you shouldn’t delay.

In this blog, we reveal...

What property buyers are looking for right now

And - if you’re saying ‘yes - we have this!’ to some of these, now could be the perfect time to find a great buyer - and receive an even greater price than what you think!

1. Garage

According to Rightmove, garages are the number 1 ‘want’ on a buyer’s wish list.

If you have a garage, potential buyers will be drawn to the ease of off-road parking and extra storage - even offering conversion possibilities for their expanding families.

2. Annexe

Providing extra space, annexes are a no-brainer for long-term home investments and ‘forever homes’. For a buyer, they scream ‘potential!’. 

3. Garden

From dining al fresco to gardening - outdoor living is in. Inspired by growing trends in health & wellbeing, the market is demanding outdoor spaces people can call their own.

4. Detached

If you own a detached property, you’re already top of the pile in the housing market right now.

From more privacy to never having to worry about noisy neighbours, potential buyers can see many benefits to your detached home.

So, if your detached property comes on the market, the value is seen straight away - translating to a great price for your property.

5. Character

Do you have a period property?

With an abundance of new builds, distinctive architectural styles really stand out at the moment - and can be hugely attractive to potential buyers. Especially those looking for their ‘dream property’.

6. Open plan living

Modern families don’t want to be segmented with the kids in the study doing homework and parents in separate rooms. Buyers want a ‘flexi family space’ where they can all be together. Even better if they don’t have to renovate to achieve it!

If you’ve invested in open plan living - like a big kitchen-diner - now would be a great time to reap the rewards in the value of your property.

7. Natural light

Our homes are becoming multi-functional places - some of us even work from home regularly. That’s why things like great natural light are becoming more important for many buyers.

Having big windows and features like bi-folding doors could make your property sell fast - and for a great price.

8. Good schools

Whatever happens with the UK’s economic and political situation, the fact remains that children will always need schools.

If you’re close to a school that’s recently received excellent reviews from OFSTED - it would be a good time to make the most of this catchment area location now, before anything changes.

9. Bungalow

The reality is we have an ageing population - who want to stay in their homes for longer.

Therefore, bungalows are now a great investment.

Single-storey living means continued independence for a potential buyer. Not to mention bungalows are traditionally built close to local amenities - so everyday activities, like popping to the shops, is within easy reach. 

10. Rural location

Finally, homes in the countryside are really popular right now. And Cheshire and Shropshire are known for their desirable villages and rural homes.

Again, with recent trends focusing on wellness, more people are wanting to buy a property in the countryside to achieve healthier and happier lifestyles.

Just having a countryside location adds value to your home - and is certainly hot stuff in the property market right now.


But… should you sell before or after Brexit?

Yes, we all know it - Brexit is on the horizon. And with this, uncertainty.

However, the reality is - life goes on. And people need to sell up and move regardless - whether that be to relocate for a new job or prepare for a new baby in the family. 

Read our blog about Brexit & the value of your property for more insight.


Are you thinking about selling your home in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Shropshire or Cheshire?

If you’re nodding your head to any of the above it means that your property is what the market wants right now.

A desirable property is great news - it means it can sell fast, to the right buyers - and for a great price.


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