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Looking to move home asap? Great news: lockdown is lifting - which means you can gradually start to get moving, literally! 

As the country opens up again, you’re probably eager to get started. However, of course, we can’t simply spring back into action. We have to be careful and consider your safety, our team’s safety - and the wider community’s safety.

Fortunately, we’ve adapted our services so home sellers, buyers and movers can successfully and safely hit their property goals in 2020 - even with restrictions. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the 4 ways we’re keeping you moving - whether you’re buying, selling… or both!  Because now that lockdown is gradually lifting, you can get started again. However, there are some important measures we need in place to get you there safely and successfully. 


1. Valuations

Understanding how much your home is worth is vital to setting a fair asking price. Additionally, for some, the valuation is the initial deciding factor on whether to sell or not.

How do property valuations work with Follwells as lockdown eases?

Call us and speak to one of our friendly professional team. We like to build a picture of your motivation for moving from day one, and we can do a lot of our homework before visiting your home. So the more information you can provide over the phone, the better, to limit how much we need to discuss in person.

Physical meetings with estate agents: what you need to know

Understandably, we do need to conduct a physical valuation to give you a figure. So, we’ll ask you to confirm:

● You haven’t  experienced any symptoms of the coronavirus as detailed here in the last 14 days

● Anyone living in your household hasn’t had any symptoms of the coronavirus as detailed here

● You are happy to wait outside as we walk around and conduct the valuation

● You are happy to maintain social distancing (2-metre distance should we need to speak to you during the valuation)

● You can open all doors, turn on all lightswitches and generally make sure that we don’t need to touch any items in your home

Overall, we want to make sure that when we come to do a valuation, we create the safest environment possible - to minimise any risk of virus transmission. We hope you understand.

Photos and measuring up

2. Photographs & measuring up

How do you attract buyers in the initial stage of selling your home? In a nutshell, your marketing. From photographs to descriptions, nowadays your online presentation is the most important thing to attract potential buyers.

Obviously, with strict social distancing rules, this means taking photos for you right now is not so simple. Along with measuring up and creating floor plans too. Two vital elements of your sales particulars. 

Fortunately, when following guidance as mentioned above, we can start to do this for you again - but be aware there may be a waiting list and the process takes a little bit more time.

Our advice? Give us a call as soon as possible and we’ll sort out the best steps forward to get your property presentable for the market as soon as possible. Again, we’ll enquire about your household members’ symptoms, avoid handshakes and generally follow social distancing rules. 

DIY photos in the interim?

One thing’s for sure, some estate agents are encouraging vendors to create their own listing in the interim. And our advice? Proceed with caution. Photographing a house to capture its full potential is a lot harder than it sounds. And taking unflattering photos may put off serious potential buyers - permanently.

We’ll enquire about your household members’ symptoms, avoid handshakes and generally follow social distancing rules. 


3. Viewings

Looking for a new home? Of course, you can browse through listings on Rightmove. But the real McCoy? Visiting a property - something that you can do now, but with restrictions. 

How do property viewings work as lockdown eases?

Our advice will be the same as above. And to be aware that appointments may not be as readily available. But don’t worry, we’ll do our very best to get you in to see a property.

Furthermore, we’ll be asking you - and the household selling the property - to follow our safety guidelines. 

In the meantime, ask us about virtual viewings: a great way to let potential buyers view your property - online! Everything from 360-degree images to video tours, we can give sellers the opportunity to film their footage and submit it to us. Then, we can pass this on for potential buyers to view - all from the safety of their homes. 

Of course, you’ll want to view the property in person - but virtual viewings put you closer to deciding yes or no. Also, they avoid unnecessary risks when it comes to visiting properties that definitely aren’t right for you - because you can eliminate them from the safety of your home.

Virtual viewings: how they help buyers

On the buyer side? Virtual viewings allow you to better understand the property’s layout and actual size. For any live streams, it gives the viewers a chance to ask questions to the sellers too - replicating a normal viewing situation. 

Virtual viewings: how they help sellers

On the vendor side? You’ll have the opportunity to whittle through potential buyers. And frankly, understand those who are serious about your property - and those who are not. Serious potential buyers will be eager to conduct a virtual viewing first. 


4. Surveys

When it comes to surveying a property, it’s not so simple. A surveyor will always need to see the property up close to spot any defects or problems.

The good news? As lockdown lifts, we are able to do physical surveys again! It may just take a bit more time.

And some more good news? There are certainly other parts of a transaction that we can do without needing to visit your home - such as contracts being drawn up, raising enquiries and applying for searches. 

Contact us to speak with our surveyor about your individual case - and we can arrange a survey that’s in line with our regulations as mentioned above. 

Sell, buy and move quickly now that lockdown is easing

Do you need to start your property journey? We understand that in many cases time is of the essence. Although the above 4 steps may seem slower than usual, we can assure you that we are doing everything to keep you moving forward to meet your timescales. 

Above all, we’re here to help - and we can now get your journey moving again. 


Get in touch to discuss your property journey - and how we can help you now that lockdown is easing. 


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