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The reopening of the property market to allow physical valuations is extremely positive but this does not mean that the risk has decreased. The safety of our team, vendors, the general public and the need to protect the NHS by controlling the spread of the virus will remain our number one priority and this may mean that we introduce stricter measures than other Agents. 

It is important that everyone knows how to stay alert, control the virus, and save lives. The return to work for the property sector does not represent a return to normality but striving towards a workable solution. 

Our general guide to COVID secure house viewings

Full COVID-19 secure house valuations and viewing guidelines are available further down the page

COVID secure viewings


Before our valuer arrives please ensure;


• All internal doors are left open and lights turned on, windows should be open to encourage air flow and weather permitting back doors to remain open too; 

• Additional family members vacate the premises whilst the inspection is taking place, especially children, even if this is just sitting in the car or garden.  

• Ideally the valuer will assess the property on his own but if you would prefer to accompany you must adhere to the 2 metre rule, stay side by side rather than facing our valuer and ideally be wearing appropriate PPE. 

• The property is cleaned prior to the inspection and all surfaces need to be re cleaned after our visit. 

• If you are inviting more than one agent to your property to ensure everyone’s safety please allow 30 minutes between appointments and clean all surfaces between each visit. 

• Individual circumstances could change between the appointment being booked and being carried out, if you or any member of your household start to develop symptoms please re arrange the appointment, Follwells will adopt the same approach.


Follwells are a FULL SERVICE AGENT, during the lockdown period we know that our vendors and purchasers alike took comfort from the fact that we were still working remotely ensuring their house sale progressed or monitoring the level of interest in a property so we had a list of people to contact to view once the restrictions were eased, we know that this was not the approach of some of our competitors with some simply closing their doors and not adapting to the new conditions.


Guidance for Vendors doing their own viewings


We have confirmed with the viewers that they are not displaying any symptoms of COVID 19 and they are from the same household.  We do not recommend allowing anymore than two adults into your property at anyone time.  We have asked that all viewers have the appropriate PPE.  If you are not comfortable allowing access when the viewers turn up to your property due to them not following our guidelines you must turn them away, the safety of your household has to come first.


Preparing your house for a viewing, please ensure;


• All internal doors are left open and lights turned on.  If there are any cupboards that may be of interest open these also. Windows should be open to encourage air flow and weather permitting back doors to remain open too; 

• We recommend that all members of the household vacate your property whilst viewings are taking place in order to minimise your contact with those not in your household, even if this is just to sit in the garden. One member of the household can remain in the property to conduct the viewing; 

• You need to create as much space between yourself and the viewers as possible whilst ensuring the safety of your personal possessions.  Where possible you must adhere to the 2 metre rule, stay side by side rather than facing the viewers and ideally be wearing appropriate PPE.

• The property is cleaned prior to the viewing and all surfaces need to be re cleaned after their visit; 

• We wouldn’t advise that shoes are removed so if you would normally request that these are removed we would recommend you provide shoe coverings that the viewers dispose of;

• Viewers are reminded not to touch any surfaces inside the property, if you do notice that this is breached ensure these areas are thoroughly cleaned;

• Viewers should be in the property for a maximum of 15-20 minutes, it could be that a 2nd visit is scheduled if this does not provide enough time;

• There should be a gap of at least 15 minutes between viewings and all surfaces should be wiped down between viewings.


We appreciate that the viewers may have a number of questions they wish to ask, it would be safer to step outside the property and continue to discuss in an open space whilst adhering to the 2 metre rule whist bearing in mind neighbours maybe able to hear your conversation.  We would recommend any request for sensitive information is directed through ourselves.


If any member of your household starts to display symptoms of COVID 19 please ensure you re arrange the appointment.

If any members of your household develop symptoms after the appointment please let us know as soon as possible. 


Guidance for Viewers


Please ensure you read the following guidelines carefully as failure to comply may result in you being turned away from the property.


• The viewing is for a maximum of two adults from the same household, additional family members or children will not be permitted;

• Please ensure that you arrive on time to your appointment as we have to ensure that there is 15 minute gap between all appointments to allow for appropriate cleaning.  

• The viewing will be a maximum of 15-20 minutes, if you need more time we will book you a secondary appointment;

• Prior to your arrival the vendor or our team member will open all internal doors, any necessary cupboards and turn on any lights to ensure you do not need to touch any surfaces. 

• You should maintain 2 metre distance wherever possible. Hands must be sanitised upon entry and appropriate PPE should be worn, as a minimum we would expect you to be wearing a facemask when in an enclosed space.  You must provide your own PPE. 

• Where possible avoid using public transport to get to the property;

• If you are showing any signs of COVID 19 prior to the viewing you must not attend, symptoms include, fever (high temperature in excess of 37.8 and new and continuous cough, loss of taste and smell.  You must cancel the viewing and follow the government guidelines on self-isolation.  


If you develop symptoms after the viewing please ensure you notify us as soon as possible.


We appreciate your patience and assistance in ensuring the safety of our vendors and team members during this time.  We appreciate that your viewing experience will be very different and we will do everything we can to ensure you are able to make an informed decision. 


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