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How do we sell your home? For many years it’s started with speaking to clients, valuing houses, taking photos, drawing up floor plans and particulars - and marketing your home online and offline. As viewings come in, we nurture potential buyers - until you receive a great offer you’re ready to accept. Then we help you across the finish line - completion! How exciting!

For our well-oiled team, it’s a process we’ve always loved - because it gets great results for our sellers. However, recently we’ve hugely improved this process! Keep reading to find out how…

Virtual tours: exciting new technology for home sellers

Of course, we don’t have to tell you again how different this year has been. But on a huge positive, we’ve explored some exciting new technology for our clients - virtual tours - which makes selling their homes even easier, more effective… and often faster!

This technology combined with some amazing perks in the market right now - a stamp duty holiday and low mortgage rates - make it a great time to sell up and move home.

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In this blog post, we’ll discuss how virtual tours sell your home fast - so you can list your home with confidence...


Virtual tours from Follwells

1. They instantly boost your property’s marketing

When you sell your home with an agent, it’s their job to showcase your home. The marketing is crucial for attracting potential buyers - and for years, great photos have been central to this.

However, now we can go one step further! With advanced photography technology, we can take potential buyers on a walk-through - immersing them in all the wonderful qualities of your home.


Virtual tours from Follwells

2. They quickly connect you with better potential buyers

“But if we have virtual viewings online, surely we’ll have fewer viewings in person? Isn’t that bad?” A question we’ve had a few times and let us explain why no, not at all.

Asking potential buyers to do a virtual viewing before an in-person viewing allows us to identify anyone who wouldn’t be the right buyer for you.

The reality is that virtual viewings are a lot more telling - and transparent - compared to photos. This is positive because when you do get physical viewings, the prospective buyer will be better quality and more likely to turn into offers on the table.


Virtual tours from Follwells

3. They improve access for potential buyers

Remember, not everyone can easily access your property.

From physical disabilities to working restrictions, there are many reasons why a great potential buyer may struggle to see your home. Yet by providing an online viewing experience, your buyer can tour the property from the comfort of their own home - and at their own pace and time.


Virtual tours from Follwells

4. They save you time preparing your home

Cleaning your home, preparing for visits - exhausting stuff! With virtual tours, more potential buyers can look round your home without disturbing your everyday life.

When someone does an online viewing and loves what they see, they will want to see your home in person - and to a degree, they will know what to expect. This makes the viewing more worthwhile - as it’s more likely to turn into a sale.

Also, think about the potential buyer who has had a physical viewing - and loved your property! However, they have some doubts. Where was the window in the master bedroom? Did the kitchen have many drawers? Perhaps small details to you but huge decision-swinging details for the buyer.

A virtual viewing means they can immerse themselves in the property again - and make a quick decision, without needing another physical viewing. Great for you. Great for them.


Virtual tours from Follwells

5. They help us keep you safe

Physical viewings take more time in our lockdown-lifting world. So it makes sense to have alternative options.

Of course, when a buyer is serious, in-person viewing will always need to take place - and we’ve got procedures in place to keep you safe. However, we can minimise this extended process and find more serious buyers with virtual tours.

 Virtual tours not only save time, but they allow us to better safeguard you, our staff, and the greater community.

Virtual tours from Follwells

Overall, virtual tours can sell your home faster

In fact, homes with virtual tours sell five times quicker than ones without!

Why is this? Well, because of the above 5 reasons, virtual tours simply allow the potential buyer to move quicker. Regardless of lockdown regulations, we think this digital feature enhances everything in the selling process - and therefore, it’s here to stay at Follwells!

Sell your home with ‘virtual tours’ - and the rest of our expertise & experience


Are you ready to make your moving dream become a reality? Now is a great time to do so! As we mentioned above, the stamp duty holiday and low mortgage rates are deals you must snap up!

With this in mind, it’s an exciting time for us in the property market - and we’re enjoying helping so many people across Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire sell up - and move to their next dream home.

The virtual tours feature is a really great part of the process - and something we are confidently offering to most of our clients.

Want more info on virtual tours or selling your home in general? Get in touch - we’re here to help and answer your questions.

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