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Selling your home in 2020

Don’t wait around! That’s the message we’re shouting from the rooftops this month. The housing market is thriving, and there’s a lot of opportunities to sell your house and move to your dream property.

However, we know that moving is a big deal and sometimes it’s natural to freeze and ponder that big decision. “Is now the right time to move?” is a common question a lot of home movers have! Especially so since the obvious - COVID-19 - makes people understandably more cautious than ever. But we’re here to tell you that when it comes to the property market, you needn’t worry or delay your move.

Basically, time is of the essence! In fact, from the stamp duty holiday to achieving a high value for your home, there are many reasons why NOW is a great time to move. So, if you’re thinking about moving in the next 12 months anyway, you must not miss out by leaving it too long.

In this blog post, we’ll be debunking some of the common myths we’ve heard about starting the moving process in the final part of 2020. These are the big “well, we shouldn’t move now because…” and the “let’s wait until…” deliberations. We know it’s a worrying time, but we think it’s important to separate fact from fiction so that you can make an informed decision about your next property move.

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1. “We’ll wait until after Christmas to move. We’ve got plenty of time until the stamp duty holiday expires!”

Have you really? Yes, Christmas is a special time of year, and no one wants to be uprooted over the festive period when it’s all about decorating the tree and cosy evenings at home. We understand that but by delaying until after Christmas, you risk missing out on the stamp duty holiday. Also, here’s the thing - just because you start your moving journey now, doesn’t actually mean you’ll be living out of boxes over Christmas.

If Christmas is a reason to delay your move, consider this: the average move takes around 3 months. So chances are even if you get a confirmed offer before the end of November, you’ll still not move until the end of February. Therefore, you can still spend Christmas at home before you move to your next home.

Overall, it’s worth bearing in mind that although we do everything to make sure your move goes through speedily, sometimes outside issues can slow it down - from solicitors to vendors in the chain. So play it safe if you want to move BEFORE the stamp duty holiday deadline (31st March). Waiting until after Christmas could be risky - and you could stand to miss out on a big saving!

Top tip: see this Christmas as an opportunity to move

We don’t intend to put a dampener on Christmas 2020, but chances are it won’t be the same as Christmases gone by! If you sell your home before Christmas, you can use your Christmas break as an excellent time to get those vital moving tasks sorted - like starting on packing-up!

Read how to prepare for your move here.


Lockdown restrictions

2. “Lockdown restrictions make it a bad time to move!”

Firstly, good news! In the current lockdown, house viewings and moves can still go ahead with safety precautions in place. Read what we’re doing to keep you safe here. This still applies even if we revert to tier 2 or tier 3 after the national lockdown.

Virtual tours save the day

However, what happens if it does become more difficult to conduct viewings? Well, thanks to March’s lockdown, we’re now fully equipped to ensure viewings go ahead - virtually - by presenting your home as a ‘virtual tour’.

In fact, virtual viewings have proven to be a huge success, and we’ve even seen them speed up the sale of homes. Find out more here. 


The market is too quick right now

3. “The market is too quick right now!”

Yes, we’ve seen a surge in demand recently - which is brilliant, but we understand that as a seller, you still need to find your dream home. A quick market feels like the pressure on, which can be offputting. However, we are here to help you gain speedy access to properties, as soon as they come on the market.

Register with us your dream property wishlist and we’ll make sure you’re one of the first to know when something comes on the market.


House prices are higher

4. “House prices are higher!”

Indeed, house prices were up by 5% in September 2020 compared to the same month last year.*

But let’s flip this on its head, you’re not only saving on stamp duty right now, but you’re likely to achieve a better selling price for your home too! So it doesn’t just even out, it represents great value if you’re selling your home. *According to Nationwide


Moving is stressful

5. “Moving is stressful and complicated. Let’s wait until next year!”

Not specific to 2020, this is a common worry that doesn’t go away. However, waiting until next year has many unknowns. Indeed, the market is buoyant right now but in these times it is very difficult to predict what the housing market will be like next year.

Whenever you decide to move, at Follwells, we’re here to make sure your moving experience is a stress-free, transparent and easy process.


Small changes, big results

Move house before the stamp duty holiday expires

Have we helped put an end to some of your doubts? Don’t worry; it’s natural to be hesitant - after all, it’s a big decision to make but now truly is a great time to sell up and find your dream home.

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