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Selling your home in 2021

The housing market has been booming recently! In fact, in December 2020 UK house prices were 6.5% higher than a year ago, according to Nationwide. That’s the sharpest rise for nearly six years! In 2021, we expect this to continue - which makes it a great time for you to sell!

So, get your home on the market and let the wave of potential buyers come to you! Simple? Well, to a certain extent, yes - it is a busy market.

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However, let’s not forget that the market is also very competitive right now. So, with an influx of properties on the market, how do you make your home stand out against the competition? 

In this blog post, we’re discussing what 2021 buyers want to see - so you can adapt and present your home to have a competitive edge over other properties.



Home offices and workspaces

Let’s start with the obvious. Working from home became the norm in 2020. And so many of us have found a lot of joy in this lifestyle. From being more flexible to simply spending less time commuting, embracing the work-from-home lifestyle is on many buyers’ wishlists.

That being said, working at the kitchen table isn’t ideal! Let’s be honest, our poor backs have suffered and the influx of distractions - from dogs to noisy washing machines - makes working from home pretty tough at times. That’s why buyers are looking for home offices. Or at the very least, the potential to have one. 

Top tip: Swap out a spare bedroom and stage a home office space It’s great if you already have a fully-equipped home office. Make sure you show it off to its full potential!

However, what do you do if you’re still working at your kitchen table? It’s time to get creative! Do you have a spare room you rarely use? A box room full of ‘stuff’? Even a second reception room that’s often redundant? Whatever the case, you can make some simple adaptations that will help sell your home to the post-lockdown-life buyer.

For example, if you have a spare room, consider taking down the bed and fitting in a simple desk (it doesn’t need to be expensive!). Staging the room with some home office essentials and decor will bring the vision to life. All in all, an inexpensive move that can pay dividends with buyers.



Gardens and outdoor space

According to Rightmove, searches for homes with a garden increased by 42% in May 2020 compared to May 2019. During 2020 and the various lockdowns, people across the UK realised the true value of outdoor space.

With this in mind, make the very most of your garden as we head into Spring 2021. Before you know it, we’ll be heading into months of better weather and buyers will still be dreaming of long lazy summer days in the garden - so keep that vision alive for them.

Top tip: Curate a green space - big or small! Set a small budget to spruce up your garden - and stage socialising areas like a patio too for extra impact. If you only have a small yard or patio and no garden as such, don’t let this deter you. It’s about making the very most of what you have to show the buyer that they can have their very own piece of outdoors. A few plant pots can make a huge difference!



Wellbeing spaces

Even before 2020 and lockdowns, open plan kitchens and communal family spaces were top of buyers’ wishlists. However, since spending more time at home, it’s become even more clear that our homes need to function as ‘zones’ to fit in with our lifestyles - and take care of our wellbeing.

Top tip: Tidy up your space and create clear ‘zones’

 Instead of having a living room that’s got a box of the kids’ scattered toys in or a kitchen that has odds and ends lying around, think about the functionality of each room.

In fact, it’s amazing what a bit of storage and tidying can do! Transform your living room into an ‘adult-only’ chill zone and then create an easy-to-use play area in your kitchen-diner. Overall, you’ll help buyers envisage ‘easy living’ that makes a happy home life.


What else is good to know as you sell your home post-lockdown?

● Selling a home in a rural area? You’re in luck! Rural areas have become even more sought after - with younger couples in their 30s making the move from urban life, having more opportunity to work remotely.
● Time to move on from your first home? You have the fondest memories, but you know your house doesn’t offer lots of space to potential buyers - let alone a garden! However, don’t despair! You’re in luck again as more first-time buyers shun trendy apartments for actual houses.
● Live close to a park? Great news! After falling back in love with nature in 2020, having access to communal green space is also high up buyers’ wishlists in 2021.
● Thinking of virtual tours? That’s a great move (and something we can help with). After all, buyers want the option to view your home from the safety and comfort of their own home - especially in the first instances. It’s a great sales tool, so don’t forget to ask your agent about it when selling your home. Learn more about our virtual tours here.



Small changes, big results

Above all, remember, drastic changes are not necessary when selling your home in 2021. Instead, some subtle tweaks - like a desk, instead of a spare bed - will appeal to new buyer motivations.

What’s more, a few small improvements can drive the value up of your home - especially when the competition is high. Essentially, you can invest a little but get a lot out of it when it comes to buyers submitting offers.


Sell your property for more in 2021


If you’re thinking of selling, 2021 is a truly great year to do so. The market competitive which means you’ll likely achieve a higher value for your house.

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