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Your garden as the fifth room! Ideas to make your outdoor space a key feature

As the dryer, warmer weather sets in, it’s hard not to talk (or at least think) about gardens and outdoor spaces. Flowers are in bloom. Baskets are being hung. The trellis paint is out!...

But it’s not just the better weather that’s putting the spotlight on gardens right now.

Since the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns across the UK, the property market has seen a much greater appreciation for gardens and outdoor spaces. In fact, last month, RightMovereported a record high of people searching for gardens.

So, whether you’re searching for a property that has the garden of your dreams, or whether you want to use some of this year’s unspent holiday funds to give your existing outdoor spaces some wow factor, this article is for you…

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Read on for 5 top trends and ideas to get the best out of those long, dreamy summer days in the garden.

1.   Zone your outdoor space to get the garden of your dreams

Creating dedicated zones in your garden, not only adds interest, order and balance to your outdoor areas, it also helps you really make the most of every bit of space available. Think about which of these would make ideal zones for your home…

Zone Zen

Create a designated space to unwind for some quality me-time. 
Think…the quietest part of the garden, a cocooning swing chair, lots of stress-relieving greenery and a decorative privacy screen for ultimate tranquillity

A Striking Social area

Having friends and family over for al fresco dining is always a highlight of Spring and Summer, but this year, as lockdown restrictions begin to ease, it’s definitely going to be more appreciated than ever before. To really stage a dedicated ‘social zone’, carve it out with ornate screens, house it under a pergola, or frame it with ornamental planters.

An Enchanting Play area

Family gardens are becoming more and more imaginative. Zone off a ‘children’s outdoor playroom’ and add fun features such as a mud kitchen, a themed sandpit, an outdoor arts and crafts station or a ‘grow zone’ for plant seeds.

A Garden Office or Studio

Create a dedicated zone away from the house where you can take the time and space to focus solely on your work (with lovely green views of course). Then switch off at the end of the day moving to another zone of the garden or into the house to relax after a productive day’s work.

Take this lovely, airy garden office of our clients for inspiration


2.   Add some wow to your outdoor entertainment

So, we’ve talked about carving out your ‘social zone’, but what are the popular trends we’re seeing in terms of how to really take an outdoor entertainment space to the next level? Spoiler alert…mood lighting and relaxed seating is just the tip of iceberg.

If you’re thinking big about investing in your outdoor social space, consider curating something showstopping, like:

  • A garden tiki bar
  • A rustic outdoor kitchen
  • An open-air outdoor cinema
  • A high-end hot tub underneath a pergola, or raised on to a decked or stone-stepped platform
  • Luxury fire pits, chimineas and feature patio heaters


3. See your Garden as the fifth room

Treating your outdoor area as an extra space for interior décor is a big trend at the moment, so why not view it as an extension of your lounge or dining room?

Stunning outdoor rugs, dreamy sofas or chairs, plush cushions and textured throws can really turn a patio area into an attractive focal feature and a relaxing outdoor sanctuary. Perfect for a touch of luxury on a mellow summer evening.


4.	Take Inspiration from Urban Gardening

For smaller gardens and patio spaces, or apartments with balconies, urban gardening is still going strong as a popular trend - with an array of tips and ideas available online.

Some key principles are to

  • Use tiered planters and containers of varying heights to create a sense of scale
  • Design your space vertically, growing-up walls, fences and trellis to soften harsh materials such as brick with plants and flowers
  • Plant lush shrubs, grasses and foliage to create textured and bushy greenery, for a real ‘out in nature’ vibe
  • Make use of windowsills by growing herbs and vegetables


5.	Go Wild in All the Ways

If you’ve visited a garden centre recently, you’ll probably have noticed the increased trend for garden design to incorporate plants and flowers that attract bees and butterflies - or contribute to sustainability, benefiting wildlife in some way. Experts are predicting this will increase as society as a whole becomes more conscious in its buying choices.

Coupled with this, is the ‘escape to the country’ desire that we’re all feeling right now (this year more than ever)…and the result…a renewed trend for ‘cottage-style’ gardens and countryside-inspired outdoor features. Think wild flowers, meadowy ornamental grasses and imperfect landscapes for a less manicured and more authentic, natural style garden.


Realise your Garden Goals


We hope you’ve found some inspiration here for that garden project mood board! It’s an exciting time for garden design, with endless new ideas and creative ways of maximising your space to suit your lifestyle and priorities – especially with the increased importance we now place on outdoor spaces for wellbeing and relaxation.

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