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The housing market is booming! Yes, we’re stating the obvious. After the government announced a stamp duty holiday until March 2021, it has hugely incentivised many to get moving. After all, the huge cost-saving means that it’s never been a better time to buy. Not to mention, house prices are at an all-time high - so it’s never been a better time to sell!

Virtual tours from Follwells

How do we sell your home? For many years it’s started with speaking to clients, valuing houses, taking photos, drawing up floor plans and particulars - and marketing your home online and offline. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how virtual tours sell your home fast - so you can list your home with confidence...

COVID secure viewings

The return to work for the property sector does not represent a return to normality but striving towards a workable solution. It is important that everyone knows how to conduct viewings and valuations while staying alert, controlling the virus, and saving lives.

Moving home as lockdown eases

Looking to move home asap? Great news: lockdown is lifting - which means you can gradually start to get moving, literally! 

Because now that lockdown is gradually lifting, you can get started again. However, there are some important measures we need in place to get you there safely and successfully. 

Keeping you moving house during lockdown

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the 4 ways we’re keeping you moving - whether you’re buying, selling… or both!  So as lockdown gradually lifts, you can hit the ground running… and complete your property journey as quickly as possible!


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