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Moving home fast after lockdown

Did you know that you can start preparing now - to help the sale go through fast when the market opens back up? 

In this blog post, we’ve suggested 6 important things you can sort out now. So when we’re out of lockdown, you can hit the ground running… and push that house sale through as quickly as possible!


It’s 2020! A new year, a new decade, a fresh start… and time to make your move? As January rushes by, many of us have created new year's resolutions. And while some have already fallen by the wayside, if moving home is part of your 2020 life plans, don’t be discouraged yet…

Despite there being multiple myths out there about the house-selling process, at Follwells we don’t indulge in rumours. We simply let you know the facts around selling your property - so you can decide what’s best for you and your situation.

In our first blog post of 2020 John, director at Follwells, myth-busts the most common theories around moving home…


Will Brexit affect Staffordshire house prices

Are you ready for a change of home but concerned about the value after Brexit? Our advice, don’t wait. Brexit is unlikely to affect what is a very stable local housing market. And here’s why…


In this blog post, we will delve into the most commonly asked questions around surveys - and explain how surveys can help you on your buying journey.

Are you thinking of selling your home?

Maybe next month? Just in time to move in for Christmas? Or are you even waiting until next year?

Of course, deciding when to sell your home can be a big decision - but if your home has what’s perfect for market demand now, you shouldn’t delay.

In this blog, we reveal...

What property buyers are looking for right now

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