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Have you agreed to host the in-laws for the festive season?

There are 12 weeks left until Christmas and now is the time to market your current home and move in for Christmas. 

Newcastle-under-lyme Christmas lights


house worth moreDuring April 2018 the house price index pushed the national average price of a property to an all-time high. With the average UK property now worth a record £304,943, which is 0.3% more than the previous high set in July 2017.

moving home dream

This statement came up during a lunchtime conversation because we were thinking about potential topics for our next team-building event. Afterward, we sat down and focused on how our team does so much more than help people find homes, we share a more profound passion: we love changing our clients’ lives.

Over time we’ve noticed that there are three very distinct types of reason for moving home. The first is someone who is considering moving, the second is someone who is struggling to move, and the third is someone planning on moving. Each group has very different reasons and motivations for wanting a change. By listening carefully and understanding these factors our team can tailor our service to match their needs. 

So, let’s look at each group in more detail and see which group you belong to:

Given a choice most people want to sell and purchase quickly with as little stress as possible. So when time is of the essence what can you do to speed up the process? We got our team together to pick their top 6 pinch points that, if avoided, will speed up your sale and purchase process.

selling fast

homebuyers survey

At Follwells we understand that buying a house is an exhilarating time, but it’s essential that you have a comprehensive report on the condition of your potential home. 

Most lenders will send someone to ‘have a look’ at a property but read more to see why that report might not be enough!

You can trust our ‘hands on’ local Surveyor to ensure your Home Sweet Home doesn’t turn out to be a House of Horrors

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